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Welcome to EEZ, the Envox Experimental Zone. This site is dedicated to the various electronic/hardware and software projects solely based on the open-source (OSI) and open-hardware philosophy. In line with mentioned orientation we are trying in the Zone to use as much as possible open-source tools and technologies (i.e. Electron, Arduino, LAMP, OpenOffice, Joomla, PartKeepr, FreeCAD, gerbv, Kdenlive, MicroPython, Node-RED, etc.).

All presented projects are created in a way to be suitable for DIY that do not necessary limited us to think only about basic and simple solutions.

Please note that our main competence is software development and some of projects listed here were started to become a reference design for our software that could be with some modification successfully used with many other hardware designs.

The first project a programmable bench power supply is an example of fully-featured solution backed up with software that usually comes with middle and high range commercial devices.


We are open for your comments, suggestions and also we invite you to join our team to assist in building better hardware, software, web content, documentation, adding support for new languages, etc.



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Explore all EEZ H24005 firmware HMI and SCPI features using the Web simulator (please note that it cannot work with Firefox in private mode)!



… or download desktop application here.


Follow the progress of the EEZ Bench Box 3 firmware HMI development by using the Web simulator (please note that it cannot work with Firefox in private mode)!