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Completed, ready for production

PCB manufactured


PCB assembled



Yes (Farnell, TME)

File repository

(include Eagle, Gerber and BOM files)


TAPR v1.0


This Arduino shield is a simplified version of the shield described here. All functionality remains the same and schematic and PCB layout presented below is for reference only.

The same pin mapping is also applicable on this design with exception of TLC5925 controls (BP_OE and BP_SELECT) and LED_PWR.

PCB dimensions are 105 x 98 mm since the whole section with output protections, binding posts, relays and LEDs are removed.

1.1. Schematic


Fig. 1: Arduino board interface



Fig. 2: SPI ports isolation


Fig. 3: On-board peripherals


1.2. PCB layout


Fig. 4: PCB layout (both layer)



Fig. 5: PCB layout (top layer)


Fig. 6: PCB layout (bottom layer)